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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Mmm... del.icio.us Network Tools!

Whilst perusing the Del.icio.us Blog today, I discovered a new widget for my blog that looks kinda interesting.

The new del.icio.us Network Badge allows you to tell readers about your social-bookmarking network. You can check it out over in the right-hand column of stuff:ED (under 'Incoming Links').

I've been using the 'Your Network' tools in del.icio.us for a while now - to discover interesting links and info via my network of friends, family and colleagues. It is an invaluable part of my daily web-surfing, as it's where I discover the best new leads and information about my work and personal interests.

Searching for and discovering new information this way helps me to track the things my peers are interested in, and allows me to keep up to date with all the latest tools, views, sites and news that is being viewed and discussed within some of the online and offline communities I am a part of.

Adding this simple networking tool to your own blog is pretty simple - visit the del.icio.us site to set up the little piece of Javascript required and paste it into your blog template in the right spot. Check your blogging tool's help pages for further info on how.

Sooo... I've shown you my links and the network I'm connecting with using my favourite social-bookmarking tool. Where's yours?