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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Learnscope in Second Life

Getting Ready for the NSW Learnscope Workshop in Second Life

My explorations in Second Life continue, and I'm excited to be getting ready for a workshop I'll be facilitating in Second Life next week for the NSW Learnscope 2006 August Workshop event. The workshop will be hands-on and a chance for some of the participants to visit a virtual world for the first time.

In preparation, I've been learning lots myself... including how to make some groovy items to share with the group on the day.

First off, I created some Second Life Tour T-shirts using Photoshop and some photos I'd taken in Second Life previously. These were easy to make using Robin Wood's template, and I love the way the green one looks on my avatar. (And yes - for all those already requesting, I will make you one in your favourite colour! ;-p)

Learnscope Tour T-Shirt - in green

Creating Comics in Second Life

Today, I completed another groovy project - my first Second Life Comic Book! Using a tool called Comic Book Creator and my camera in Second Life, I managed to create a cool (but very basic) little comic book that provides some simple instructions on how to edit your avatar.

It was fun to make, and I hope will be a handy tool - either on paper in RL or in virtual book form) for the workshop participants to use in order to get a quick guide to beginning the process of creating their own virtual identity via their avatar.

HowTo: Dress Up Your Avatar - Page 1

You can download a PDF version of my HowTo: Dress Up Your Avatar by jokay Wollongong Comic here.

A Virtual Comic Book

Comic book complete, a virtual version was the next job on my list. I wanted to convert my 2 dimensional comic into something I could pass to others 'in-world' or for displaying at my spot in Second Life.

Using a groovy product called THiNC Book 2.0 by Toneless Tomba I managed to create a 3D version of my virtual comic book by uploading the images (after a little editing in Photoshop) and loading them into my book.

Creating my first virtual book - mosaic

1. My first virtual book, 2. Constructing a virtual book, 3. Virtual Printing Press, 4. Printing my first virtual book, 5. Printing my first virtual book, 6. 3Snapshot_04022, 7. My first virtual book, 8. My first virtual book, 9. Mieke checking out the book, 10. HowTo: Dress Up Your Avatar - Page 1, 11. HowTo: Dress Up Your Avatar - Page 4, 12. HowTo: Dress Up Your Avatar - Page 5, 13. Dancing with Mieke

Off to the Virtual Printing Press

With that complete, it was easy to use the THiNC Printing Press to make a copy ready for distribution.

Check out the huge version I've added to my spot in Second Life - If If you want a copy of your own, visit my spot in Second Life and grab one - it's free! ;-)

Get your copy of my virtual book!

Now... to my next publication! What types of info would you like to read in virtual book form?

(Wow!! I'm a self-published virtual author! Tee hee! Thanks to several of my friends in Second Life who gave me some great ideas and feedback!)