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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

TALO in the Metaverse.... will you come and play?

I've had a busy couple of days both in Real life and in Second life... there's lots to do in the office and a conference to prepare for on Friday. However, as per usual, the most exciting work has been in Second Life.

First, off I had the pleasure of Rusty Kembla aka Roger Stack's company at my spot in Wasp. We had a great chat, and I'm looking forward to sharing more ideas with him about how SL might be used to engage young people. I'm also looking forward to checking out his virtual gallery next time we meet! ;-)

After a cool chat about all things work, I spent some time with my new neighbour Azzura Simplee, who is a lots of fun to hang out with and is busily setting up a great looking Mall just nearby. Within a few days, she's already renting out spots to virtual tenants - Very Entrepreneurial! She also let me play with her virtual human cannon. We had lots of fun shooting ourselves across the sim.

But then it was time to get back to work! After a little prodding from Leigh, Alex, Sean and Steven I created a new Group in Second Life this week which will allow TALO members to start exploring Second Life and collaborating together.

Titled TALO in Second Life, TALO members will be able use it to explore Second Life together. My hope is that we can use this group to network with each other within the Second Life world and whether or not it is really viable as an alternative or addition to LMS, web conferencing, online networking. The group is free to join and will allow us to keep track of each other and share resources.

I've donated some virtual land to the TALO in Second Life group, which allows us to establish Group Headquarters. All TALO in Second Life Group Members have access to this space and are welcome to use it for exploring, experimenting, building scripting or holding events and meetings. With a Basic Free SL account, you will be able to use this space to explore the Second Life platform without buying your own piece of land. You can visit the TALO in SL Headquarters 'in-world' by click here or teleport to Wasp 16, 160.

I've also setup a page on the TALO Wiki with some useful info and links to resources.

TALO Headquarters already has some interesting virtual toys for you to play with - including the Community Noticeboard, Virtual Radio for listening to some tunes whilst in-world, and of course - lots of space for meeting, building and experimenting. I'll be adding new stuff regularly, and invite all TALOers to do the same.

Check out a Slideshow of pics I've taken of the new TALO in SL Headquarters 'in-world'.

So.... TALO in the Metaverse..... will you come and play? ;-)