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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Real Life in Second Life

So far, my Second Life experience has been engrossing, amazing, addictive, challenging and inspiring. I'm meeting all sorts of creative people in my virtual neighbourhood, and many of them are exploring ideas around using Second Life to achieve real life outcomes.

All of this is really exciting to me, and encourages my interest in exploring how we might use Second Life and similar virtual spaces to enrich teaching and learning at TAFE.

One of the things I've been focussing on lately is trying to get my head around the Second Life platform - how to build, script and manipulate objects in a virtual space.

Building my virtual home has been great fun - and a fabulously creative process.

Now it's time to take the next step and create interactive objects.

Today, I experimented with some very basic scripting which allows me to pass Notecards to others Second Life users. I also created some artwork in Photoshop and uploaded it to Second Life as a texture.

After a little reading on the LSL Wiki, I figured out how to create a sign that I've placed on the side of my virtual house. This allowed me to share some info about my real life projects with my Second Life friends and contacts whether I'm 'in-world' or not and was really easy to do.

I've included a link to our Metal:ED blog in the notecard, as well as my Secondlife contact details.

EASY! This simple technique is being used in all sorts of interesting ways.... and could easily be used by teachers to share resources with their students within the virtual space.

I wonder if we'll get any metal:ED blogsite traffic out of this experiment! ;-)