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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A busy couple of days....

It's been pretty fast paced in my world for the last few days.....

I attended and gave a short presentation at the Mlearning06 - Adaptive Technologies Conference, which was organised by Andrew Park and his team at MTraining. It was exciting to be a part of the event, and hear from Alex Hayes, Daniel Dacey, Richard Turnbull, Daniel Dacey, Marcus Ragus, Caryl Oliver and Dennis Macnamara. You can listen to some short audioclips from the event here.

Congrats to Andrew and the team on a fabulous event... all the effort was worth it.

And the learning and networking opportunities just keep on coming.....

This week in the Teaching and Learning Resource Unit, we're holding some open days to allow teachers from various faculties to come together to talk about some new technologies and how they can be used in teaching and learning. I had a great time today talking and planning with teachers for next semester and exploring some of the tools we'll be exploring together.

The Communication section teachers came together to officially kick off our Web 2.0 network - eCommunicate 2.0 and we had a good time talking about blogging, photosharing, virtual worlds and moblogging. I'm excited about the projects coming up, and can't wait to see the Cert 4 and Diploma students blogging, podcasting and photosharing. It's gonna be a busy couple of months!

Communication Teachers - checking out some new technology

Everyone got signed up to the eCommunicate 2.0 EdNA Group and we're all ready to start some learning and sharing of resources together. Our next workshop is coming up in July and we'll be focussing on Blogging - I can't wait!

After that, I had a great meeting with some teachers from our Business Services section, who are interested in using some new tools and technologies in the classroom. We talked about a range of resources including Learning Object Repositories and how they can be used to search for and locate useful existing resources; toolboxes and how they can be customised to create resources for delivery via LMS, CD-rom, PDA or via a Wiki; plus we discussed some Web 2.0 stuff including Blogging, Photosharing and Podcasting.

Business Admin Teachers - checking out some new technology

It was great to hear some good brainstorming going on during the session. We came up with some cool ideas for creating How-Tos for the use of office equipment in Flickr and a great application for podcasting which will allow medical adminsitration students to learn important medical terminology.

Next up - Metal:ED - we'll be meeting tomorrow for a workshop on storyboarding..... but more on that later! ;-)