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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Quickr Flickr with Quickr Pickr

I just discovered a new groovy way for posting photos to my blog from flickr.

Quickr Pickr allows you to easily select and publish photos from your flickr photostream to your blog. It's set up to post directly to Blogger and Xanga, but is capable of posting to any blog with just a few extra clicks.

From the Quickr Pickr site, I discovered that I can also style the way the photos post myself, which is a great feature for any blogger who knows a little bit of code and/or is obsessed with tweaking her blog @ the moment (okay - I admit it!! ;-p).

Anyway, I used Quickr Pickr to generate the HTML code so I could include some images from my flickr photostream below. It automatically adds the captions from flickr to your post too, which is very nice.

From L-R: Willie, Ellen, Lynn, Jeannie - enjoying Xmas Dinner

Me with Chad and Steve

Libby helping to make the Xmas dinner

Oma and Henry - celebrating Christmas Eve

Steve in his sexy new soccer shirt

The coast
Taken from the southern end of the Sea Cliff Bridge

Opa Again
Opa looking surprised @ the farewell dinner for Laura

Dad with his special tea
Dad got some special Madura Tea to take back to Leeds

Joel with Mum
Joel's sexy new Soccer shirt

Renae and Jo
Celebrating Renae's Engagement to Wayne.
It was lovely to see her looking so happy!

a quickr pickr post